• Alpha Omega Lighting began in 2016. Our company has evolved from year to year, with the vision of developing an industrial and commercial LED product line that meets the needs of all our customers.  We are a private label Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for industrial and commercial LED products.  We supply industrial LED lighting customers in aggregates, chemicals, plastics, textiles, food, pharmaceuticals, minerals, metals, and various other manufacturing facilities, which is the roots of our company.  We supply commercial LED lighting customers for shopping plazas, business parks, retail grocery, big box stores, hospitals, office buildings, and restaurants projects. 

    Alpha Omega Lighting has economy and premium efficacy LED lighting fixtures, to meet the needs of all customers.  Meeting the needs of our customers with varying budgets has allowed us to grow and expand over the past eight years.  We strive to select the finest LED lighting components and prove their performance in the field.  We offer LED products with standard 5-Year limited warranty, while 7-Year and 10-Year are optional.  Alpha Omega Lighting has learned that the LED market is very competitive, while requiring a delicate balance of pricing, quality and availability.

    Our passion is being committed to our customers, from start to finish. Alpha Omega Lighting will always strive to offer the latest technology and most efficient LED lighting products available. We provide an engineered solution that is hard to be matched, while offering some 200 lumen/watt industrial LED and commercial LED lighting products. We contribute our success to our innovative manufacturing facilities and our loyal customers.